DC system GR-400

Model:teeth rack type

Model:chain line type

Model:chain type
  • 1. GR-400 owns safe-detection function. If any sliding gate installs GR-400, it does not need to extra install safety beam sensor.
  • 2. The tuming of safety beam can be adjusted. It is very accurate in its protection and very safety.
  • 3. When gate hits any obstacle, the motor will stop right away by its motor detection. The motor owns safe protection and will not bum away.
  • 4. GR-400 is very suitable to the school or lane entrances where plenty people come in and out.
  • 5. GR-400 adopts DC current as output voltage and this can avoid dangerous in electric leakage.
  • 6. GR-400 adopts the DC current motor which features high tuming. Even long running will not cause high temperature.
  • 7. Patented by gear-shift and speed-reduction, small compact in apperance. No one can copy it.
  • 8. GR-400 can set close time automatically and has diverse selection in second.
  • 9. Free charge in attaching 2pcs transmitters, rolling code program and receiver.
Pioneer operator (Merits & defects comparisons)
  Common AC current operator GR-400 operator (DC current)
Cost of safety beam system Need to extra installation and cost It owns automatic self-detection function
Range of safety beam system Invalid beyond shaft area of safety beam system It can be induction in entire sliding gate
Adjustment of safety beam's pressure No It can adjust the pressure both stop & touch from operator
System of auto close gate Need to extra installation and cost With 10 adjustable settings
Remote system Need to extra installation and cost Free cost to giving remote with rolling code
Operation limitation 10 minutes limitation No limitation
Common sliding gate & flexible gate where in the school, factory and residential house can be adopted such operator.
Motor Specification
Supply DC24V ~ 30V low DC current power supply
Loading Within 5 inch dimension & maximum weight 500kgs
Control Box Specification
Power Supply Equipped transformer allows diverse voltage AC110~240 to change DC voltage
Obstruction adjustment Rough adjustment 360 degree / detailed adjustment 9 choice and setting
Automatic close 9 setting / 15 seconds in each time
Obstacle detection Stop then backward when gate hits obstacle
Control box, Push button Single buttom cycle -- forward -- stop -- backward
AC system GR-300
Type Teeth rack mode Chain mode Chain line mode
Horsepower 1/2HP ~ 2HP 1/2HP ~ 2HP 1/2HP ~ 2HP
Output wheel 8P x 28TB #50 x 13TB #50 x 15TB
Output speed 33 33 33
Apperance of operator
Feature of design
  • 1. All transmissive units sliding operator are made the way of unity-shaping its aspect with aluminium alloyed and the structure is designed by oil seal in order to avoid the oil permeate outside. The design will allow our products more precision and stable.
  • 2. With extending the structure of turbine lever, it benefits transmissive turning more efficiency. We adopt high class machine oil to lubricate, low-noise, non-change in oil and non-wear in bottom.
  • 3. With level clutch design, saving power in operation and ture movements, low failure percentage.
  • 4. Power bearing adopts twin-circles transmissive buttom to make high-precision grind processing.
  • 5. Motor has equipped the fan so that the heat can be lower effectively. This can enchance time using and its life.
  • 6. The structure of speed reduction with all our sliding operators are made by turbine style and the motor is built-inside. This can avoid the motor does not wet.