Giant-Rong is the most professional manufacturer aiming at all mechanisms and operators in automatic sliding door, rolling operator, swing door in Taiwan. We were found in 1990, Taipei and has set branches in Taichung and Kaohsiung where are situated in Northern, Middle and Southern region in Taiwan. The sorts of our products are divided into automatic sliding door, and swing door which can be used by gate, interior of house. With our superior quality and prompt service, we own a very high reputation in the market of door automation. Therefore, many global buyers will find and cooperate with us positively because of our reliable quality, expertise and ability of create latest product.

Currently, our clients have been distributing in Middle-East, USA, Europe, Asia, South America and South Africa. Considering of expanding of our business and the global tendency, setting an exclusive agent of our product in the corner of every country is our final target. We expect Gaint Rong can be a leader in the field of door automation so that most public entrances in worldwide adopt our mechanisms and operators in order to bring more convenient and safety to all pedestrians.

The success of any industrial organization corresponds to its abilities to meet the need of the consumer on a consistent and continuing basis. Giant-Rong industry Co., Ltd. is an outstanding example of this. Through our consistent efforts on developing series of products which meet consumer wants and needs, Giant-Rong today holds a position of leadership in field surrounded by so many strong competitors. We welcome your join to be our partner in door automation.
Beginning year and engage in the business of elevator in domestic market.
Expand market to abroad and start to develop operators both automatic glass door and swing gate.
With our aggressive attitude in hope being a specialist of door operators in global market, we invest time and money to comply our factory and product with ISO9001 and 2000 and CE approved.
With European, USA and Canada markets requirement, we developed 90 degree swing operator in our selling range.